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Monthly Uplift – August 2015


Monthly Uplift – August 2015

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in conversion rate optimization, marketing, and everything in between.


iOS Conversion Rates: A Closer Look at the Weekdays and Countries That Are Driving the Most Downloads

Curious as to why the majority of your app’s conversions are occurring during certain times?  Sensor Tower attempts to explain why by analyzing views and downloads across iDevices so that you can adjust your updates and promotions accordingly.


Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare for Holiday 2015

It’s never too early to start preparing for holidays and seasonal changes.  Tailoring everything from your ads to your content can help boost conversions and Search Engine Watch reminds you to focus on mobile while offering some suggestions on which of the new channels and formats (think buy buttons) can give you a leg up on the competition.


Understanding Mobile Context: At Home, On the Go and In-Store

Get Elastic reminds you to focus on the context of mobile usage when designing an app or site so that users can find what they need in any situation.  And they back it all up (or nudge you, depending on how you look at it) with some great stats on how shoppers use their mobile devices.


Great UX Doesn’t Guarantee a Great Customer Experience

Sources don’t get much more reputable than the Harvard Business Review.  This post is short and to the point with the main takeaway (emphasized by a real life example!) being that a good product includes more than just a solid user experience, there is an entire other aspect to account for in the long run.


Desktop Email Conversions on the Rise

SSIA – email conversions on desktops are equal to or higher than those on mobile after rebounding during this most recent quarter.  While that in itself is definitely interesting (especially given the popuarity of mobile devices), the best thing we found in this article is the conversion breakdown across times, devices, and industries.


6 After-order Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Everyone knows repeat customers are far more valuable than one-time shoppers.  The question is, how do you encourage repeat business without annoying the customer to no end?  Carefully designed and worded after-order emails, that’s how.  Practical Ecommerce lays out 6 different types in this post, including tips on getting the most out of each.


How to Find the Best Pricing Strategy for a SaaS Product

After our own post on pricing examples, this in-depth look at SaaS pricing by Price Intelligently was like music to our ears (eyes?).  Honestly, they hooked us after the first two sentences and do a great job of backing up their claim to increase returns through pricing with 4 well-detailed steps.


How to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

This post serves as the beginning of a very promising series on…yes, how to increase your conversion rate.  They are right though, there is a tremendous amount of information out there and I love their goal of helping to “remove your frustration” surrounding the topic.  This first post by Acquire Convert lays the groundwork of setting goals and familiarizing yourself with the tools with which to measure them.  And keep up with their site for the rest of the series, I know I am.


The E-Commerce Customer Lifecycle (Infographic)

I love infographics almost as much as I love stats – luckily this incorporates them both.  It doesn’t matter if you sell dog food or designer jewelry, every singly industry will find something valuable here and Bronto has done a great job choosing stats geared towards the future of online shopping.

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