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Monthly Uplift – July 2015


Monthly Uplift – July 2015

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.


The Importance of Cross-Device Customer Journey Mapping

This infographic by Acquisio focuses on the fact that 67% of consumers switch between devices when shopping online.  It provides some great tips on creating sites and experiences that work for all users and their devices, while improving your conversion rate as well.


Sophisticated Email Segmentation Boosts Open Rates, Engagement

Everyone knows they should segment their emails, but Mobile Commerce Daily shows just how few companies are actually doing it when they track the emails from 107 brands.  They look at what works, what doesn’t, and missed opportunities.


Micro-moments: How to Survive the New Battleground for Brands

Having touched on micro-moments previously, we were glad to see a post that looked at the topic in more depth.  With more and more importance being placed on mobile, Silverbean does a great job showing how and when to use micro-moments to your advantage as a brand.


CRO Study: Fashion Ecommerce from Bag to Checkout

Formisimo looked at the checkout process for 20 different online fashion retailers for this post.  The looked at everything from wording to CTAs with the goal of analyzing what works and what is costing you sales.


The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Commerce Stores

This post by iBuildApp provides advice to both mobile sites and apps on how to plan for success.  While most of these tips can be implemented regardless of device, they do a great job of showcasing apps and sites that have done so correctly.


Quick Copywriting Tweaks Proven to Lift Conversions 30% or More

Crazy Egg offers tons of actionable advice across 4 areas of copywriting aimed at improving conversions.  With tips on everything from building trust to how to best word your product pages, there should be something for everyone in here.  Confession: after reading this we implemented more than 1.


Viewing Time on Youtube Grew 60% Last Quarter

Short and sweet, the point of this article by Quartz is clear: if you aren’t marketing to, designing content for, or selling to YouTube users, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  The data is clear with people averaging 40 minutes per viewing session, and companies have already stepped up their game with 40% more advertisers than a year ago.


How Udemy Generates More Revenue with Smart A/B Testing

It’s not every day you get to read a case study about a company like Udemy.  Their user base is huge at around 7 million students, so we were really curious about what they were testing and what they found out.  It turns out they were trying to drive more revenue from their emails and Vero provides a great look at how it all went down and what they learned.


One-Tailed vs. Two-Tailed Tests (Does It Matter?)

If you’re looking to get more out of your a/b tests then this post is for you.  Conversion XL provides a highly detailed explanation on the difference of one-tailed vs. two tailed tests and when you should consider using each, as well as the consequences of misusing either.


Brain Games: Lessons on Creating Persuasive Copy 

This might be our favorite post that we read this month – not only did we learn a ton, but we also learned about two new areas of the brain called ‘Broca’s area’ and ‘Wernicke’s area.’  Brian Massey does a brilliant job of explaining how to understand who your visitors are, and then explaining how to write copy that appeals to them.


Popup Strategies and Best Practices for eTailers

Popups are not dead (at least when used correctly).  While not every popup will work for every site or user, they can still provide positive results when tested and applied correctly.  Conversion Voodoo looks at 4 different types of popups in their post, including when to use them and how to get the most value from each.


Reducing Your Bounce Rate to Help Boost Your Conversion Rate

The longer people stay on your site the more likely they are to convert, right?  Yes, but it’s not that simple.  Inbound Rocket shows us how to dig deeper into our bounce rate with Google Analytics and steps to take to improve it.


7 Ways Form Accessibility Can Boost Conversions

Inaccessible websites are costing companies billions of dollars every year, with much of that related to poorly designed and integrated forms.  Hazel Bolton, from Formisimo, offers some great advice (complete with coding tips) on how to give your forms a face lift by improving everything from the fonts you use to how your navigation is designed.

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