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On Monday I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Rzutkiewicz, VP and Client Partner at Razorfish. Jason has over 11 years experience at Razorfish and had awesome insight into CRO and the digital marketing industry in general. Between his role at Razorfish, his clients and his three kids, Jason is a busy man!   Here are the main takeaways: SEO/SEM/CRO all compete for dollars:  Every practitioner - whether you do SEO, SEM, or CRO - thinks that...

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.   6 Ways to Increase Conversions with Urgency Creating a sense of urgency is nothing new in website optimization, but we love the well thought out examples this post uses to reinforce its points.  The one from Amazon hit us the hardest and made us see just how powerful a tactic this can be.   eCommerce Best Practices Yield a 250%...