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How Best Practices and Psychology Can Help You Optimize Your e-Commerce Website Note: This post was originally authored by Quincy Smith. Pricing is something so common and expected that it is almost an afterthought to most buyers - everyone knows they will have to pay for a good or service, it's just a question of how much.  However, when it comes to sellers, pricing can be much more involved than just sticking some numbers on your website and...

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.   Consumers Freely Give Personal Info for Personalization, Perks Every marketer understands how personalizing user experience can improve conversions, right?  What I didn't know is that 50% of shoppers said they would willingly give up personal information when asked, assuming they trust the site and understand the benefits of doing so.  This in itself was surprising, but not nearly...