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Weekly Uplift – July 3, 2015


Weekly Uplift – July 3, 2015

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.


11 Things That Work More Often Than Not in A/B Tests

Despire the slightly vague title, this post from Conversion XL is filled some some things (some you will know, others you will not) that you should definitely be testing.  To take it even further, they enlisted 5 experts to weigh in on some of the tests, providing some great insights and background behind why you should consider testing it for your site.


With Mobile, More Touch Points = More Opportunities

We loved this post because it is chocked full of facts relevant to anyone interested in how mobile users shop.  Conversion IQ makes a very compelling case into why your mobile site needs to be top notch in order to appeal to both people buying online and in your store.


10 Smart Practices for Engaging and Retaining Mobile App Users

We have seen very little written about app optimization and as a company that is occaisonally tasked with improving app conversions, we were very pleased to see a post focusing on some of the best practices.  With 20% of apps being used once and then forgotten, developers have very little time to impress their users, and with this post Mofluid provides a great blueprint on how to make the best first impression.


Surprise and Delight Users for a Big Conversion Boost

This was a really cool post, no other way to say it.  Apptimize does a great job of explaining how to capitalize on “achievement moments” in an app with the goal of increasing engagement among users.  The process is a brilliant way to personalize user experience and it comes as no surprise that it’s been as successful as it has.

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