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Weekly Uplift – June 5, 2015


Weekly Uplift – June 5, 2015

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.


Another Online Marketing Opportunity Is Knocking: Hello #HashtagSearch

To put it bluntly, you are missing out on major opportunities if you aren’t utilizing hashtags to their fullest.  KISSmetrics examines how hashtags can positively impact search results when used not only in your social media profiles, but also in your other marketing efforts.


Case Study: Testing Personalized Experiences at Secret Escapes

It’s always made sense to personalize your user’s experiences, and now Optimizely has the data to show just how much you can benefit from doing so.  Vacation provider Secret Escapes uses some very straight forward methods to increase their completed purchases by 210%.


3 On-Site Search Add-ons Proven to Increase Conversions and Average Order Value

This is not the first time we have discussed the importance of search functionality and I seriously doubt it will be the last.  Search is becoming more popular, especially on mobile, and this post by Bigcommerce looks at 3 ways you can use it to increase your conversions.  Make sure to check out the stats at the beginning of this post, they serve as great motivation to implement at least one of these tips.


5 Areas to A/B Test on Your eCommerce Homepage

This one is a bit biased as it came from Uplift, but we still think it’s worth mentioning as it includes some great actionable testing tips for your homepage.  The time it takes to make an impression on a user coupled with an abundance of choice when it comes to sites means you have to step your homepage game up.  A/B testing basic things like trust seals and taglines can make a noticible difference not only in your conversions, but also in how users perceive your brand.


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