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Weekly Uplift – May 22, 2015


Weekly Uplift – May 22, 2015

All the content we’ve enjoyed over the past week from industry leaders in website optimization, marketing, and everything in between.


Does Button Color Matter on Mobile

With e-commerce growing as fast as it is and mobile shoppers accounting for more and more sales, you better know what you’re doing with your mobile site.  Button color is only one minor detail, but WhichTestWon shows us the potential impact it can have on your conversion rate.


7 Must Have Tools for Cross Browser Testing

As a longtime Chrome user, I rarely think about the other browsers out there.  However, when I saw this post by shero it really struck a chord because sites have been known to behave differently on different browsers and testing their compatibility is an easy way to make sure you aren’t losing customers because of it.


How to Develop a Compelling Value Proposition

This is a short and sweet post on how one of amp’s clients leveraged user feedback and research to develop a killer unique value proposition.


How to Increase Conversions with Mobile Search

This was a really interesting article for us because it’s not something you hear about testing that often for desktop.  Bigcommerce does a great job of showing us how mobile users shop differently and how companies can capitalize on that with comprehensive search functionality.


6 Signs You Should Invest in UX Research

Is there anything customer and user feedback can’t do?  Even if the ROI for UX investment wasn’t so appealing, neglecting it would still mean missing out on key insights into everything from new and upcoming products to why your customers aren’t converting.


How to Use Video to Increase Conversions and Sales in Your Ecommerce Business

Video is a hugely underused tool in e-commerce and Shopify does a fantastic job of showing what it can do for your sales and how other companies are successfully implementing it.  


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