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Landing Page Optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page optimization is part of the wider process of conversion rate optimization. Instead of focusing on optimizing the conversion rate of your entire site, LPO focuses just on optimizing a single landing page. The term describes the process of systematically testing part of a landing page design in order to maximize the landing page conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization Example

Here is a sample before and after that shows an example of landing page optimization:

Landing Page Optimization

In this test, several elements of the original landing page were improved, including:

  • Cleaner Call to Action: The buttons here are much more “cleanly” designed, making it easier for a user to click on them.
  • Less Clutter: There are fewer elements on the page, leaving fewer distractions for the user.
  • Trust: The navigation elements and contact phone number make it easier for a user to trust that the website they are viewing is legitimate.

The goal of landing page optimization is always to improve leads, and ultimately sales, coming from a landing page. In this case, sales improved by 24%, making this landing page a big win!

How to Design High Converting Landing Pages

Optimizing a landing page is not that different from optimizing an entire site for conversion. LPO needs to take all of the following factors into consideration:

  • Keyword Relevancy: It’s very important that the keywords on your landing page are relevant to the keywords that your target market is searching for. For example, if someone is looking for a physical therapist, then having a landing page showing “Physical Therapy” as the keyword at the top of the site will help convert additional traffic.
  • KISS Design: Keep it simple, stupid! Your landing page design is always better as a simple page rather than one that is too complex. Providing users with too many calls to action will only confuse them rather than get them to take your desired action (such as filling out a form, etc).
  • Benefits: Your landing page needs to focus on the key reasons why someone should buy from you. These can be in a bullet point or in paragraph text on the page. Without benefits on the page, you shouldn’t expect anyone to want to purchase from you.
  • Credibility: Adding social proof, such as testimonials, will help improve your conversion rate. Pointing to case studies or adding trust seals will also help.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With greater than 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices today, it’s critically important that your landing page be mobile responsive. Otherwise, you are simply missing out on lead opportunities.

Getting Started with a Landing Page

To create your first landing page, we highly recommend that you choose an existing template from Unbounce or another provider. Typically a good template will already include the basic elements of CRO on the page. From there, you can begin to establish baseline data that you can later use to inform your tests.